Chaz Mixon

A 25 year vet of the radio biz, Chaz now rocks mornings on the Classic Rock Experience. Having worked with just about every type of music, Chaz has settled into his real favorite (he was listening to Billion Dollar Babies and Aqualung as a kid). Chaz has been with some great stations through the years, the legendary KZEW “The ZOO” and KZPS along with trying his hand at Smooth Jazz with KOAI The Oasis in Dallas plus various formats across the globe at Cumulus Media Networks. He has his hands full with two teenage boys and an online radio station with It’s a no nonsense approach as Chaz gets to the goods mornings on The Classic Rock Experience.


Michelle-Michaels-WRUP-Real-Classic-RockMichelle Michaels

Michelle Michaels has a definite ability to chat. That, along with her sense of humor and extensive knowledge of music blends well to make her a top notch evening announcer. Michelle has been in the radio business for over 10 years in Detroit and Dallas. She got her start in AM radio in Anchorage, Alaska.



Frank-Welch-WRUP-Real-Classic-RockFrank Welch

It’s not often that a career in cross-country trucking leads to a career in radio — but that’s how it happened to Frank Welch. “It’s true,” he says. “I was listening to a lot of radio stations while driving around the country. My thought was, ‘I could do better than that!’ so I jumped into it.” Today, Frank’s definition of “drive time” has changed. The road to his current Classic Rock stint wound its way through a variety of radio stations including Dallas stations KCDU-FM, KLUB-FM and KVIL-FM. “I’ve done basically every on-air job you can do: jock, studio news reporter, street reporter, traffic reporter, sports reporter and more.” These experiences have brought Frank news honors, including the Dallas Press Club’s “KATY” Award and the Dallas U.P.I. Award. Frank believes he has an impact on his listeners because he genuinely enjoys his job. “I have a lot of fun on the air and I really believe that if you’re having fun at something, people respond positively to you.”


Jeff-Davis-WRUP-Real-Classic-RockJeff Davis

Jeff is a 20 year veteran of Classic Rock Radio. If he could play guitar better, somebody else would be playing his stuff! There is a theory that his mother had a liason with Gene Simmons. Check the picture. Jeff’s objective every day is to convert the newbies and reward the believers…of Classic Rock…The Greatest Music Ever Made. Join the Jeff Davis Experience…and rock on, dewd!



Brian-Curry-WRUP-Real-Classic-RockBrian Curry

Brian Curry is all things rock. He’s been in Radio for almost 20 years. He has worked at Dallas/Ft. Worth legendary rock stations KEGL, KTXQ, and KDGE. He also spent many years on Z-Rock, heard worldwide on the American Forces Network. He now enjoys playing for all his listeners on WRUP. In his free time he loves being outdoors and spending time with his wife, 2 sons, and 3 dogs.

Contact Brain Curry:
Phone: 469-939-2647
Visit his website
Contact Brian Curry


Dave-Bolt-WRUP-Real-Classic-RockDave Bolt

Dave began life as a surprise.
Apparently, an unexpected one – but then, aren’t ALL surprises unexpected?
His mother was undergoing a routine x-ray in an attempt to diagnose some stomach discomfort she’d been experiencing, when, lo and behold . . . there he was, probably making shadow puppets on the x-ray screen.

Yes, that’s right – blasted with radiation before even leaving the womb.
Explains a LOT, doesn’t it?
Dave’s childhood was happy and uneventful – except, of course, for the hundreds of times he was dropped on his head during driveway basketball games with his older neighborhood friends.
Really explains a LOT, doesn’t it?
Dave’s dream was always to pursue a career in radio broadcasting. He started in 1981 at a hits station in Silsbee, Texas (picture Green Acres meets The Twilight Zone). He moved on to radio stations in Beaumont, Houston, and Dallas, Texas. Today he enjoys playing great music and taking care of his listeners!
He and his lovely wife of 20 years, Rhonda, have two boys, Michael and Matthew. On his free time you can catch Dave driving his Ford Mustang GT, surfing the Internet, and catching up on his “honey do’s.” Dave would like to add that all his successes and blessings comes from his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!


On Tap with Nik Carter on WRUP Marquette's Home for Classic RockOn Tap with Nik Carter
Monday – Friday, 7pm to Midnight

Presented by VH1 Classic, Nik Carter showcases a killer classic rock radio show with exclusive interviews and the best of classic rock.

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4 Responses to DJs

  1. Dave Parker says:

    I have not heard heard Frank’s Magic Bus since July 2014. Can you tell me what is up with that? Thanks.

  2. Jennifer says:

    I remember when Brian, he is really good!

  3. Aaron Melchiori says:

    How old is this? Been thinking about and trying to contact Crankin’ Frank Welch for some time now. I listened to jim back in the late 90’s and learned a lot from him.

  4. Aaron Melchiori says:

    Michelle Michaels too!!! I miss you both I listened to you and Frank so much growing up in the late mid-late 90’s before radio died it was wonderful! I learned a ton from you guys and actually spoke to you both on-air multiple times and through chat/email.

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