Chaz Mixon WRUP Real Classic Rock
Chaz Mixon

A 25 year vet of the radio biz, Chaz now rocks mornings on the Classic Rock Experience. Having worked with just about every type of music, Chaz has settled into his real favorite (he was listening to Billion Dollar Babies and Aqualung as a kid). Chaz has been with some great stations through the years, the legendary KZEW “The ZOO” and KZPS along with trying his hand at Smooth Jazz with KOAI The Oasis in Dallas plus various formats across the globe at Cumulus Media Networks. He has his hands full with two teenage boys and an online radio station with It’s a no nonsense approach as Chaz gets to the goods mornings on The Classic Rock Experience.


McKenzie Rae is on WRUP
McKenzie Rae

McKenzie is easy to hang out with, which helps explain how she’s met legends like Ozzy, Dio, George Thorogood, Bon Jovi, Skid Row, Kip Winger, Heart, Tommy Shaw and even Mr. T…You can catch McKenzie during the midday. She looks forward to the music and taking your calls. Don’t let the hot ‘girl next door’ look fool ya, she’s really a mouse that roars! [Just ask anyone at the radio station!] She looks forward to a Mt. Dew every morning and donuts on Fridays. After entertaining on air, she’s off to spend the rest of the day with the love of her life, her daughter Samantha and all of her exotic critters. If she has any spare time left, she’s out spending money and looking for her new Mr. Right.Follow McKenzie on Facebook.



Tony Scott on WRUPTony Scott

Whoever your favorite rock star is you can bet that Tony Scott has interviewed them, met them or done both. Those are some of the perks of a lifetime in rock and roll for a guy who makes being a DJ sound effortless. When Tony isn’t working the phones on the air or giving away a ridiculously huge grand prize, you’ll often find him at the concert by the artist that he played earlier that day. Tony’s passions include raising champion Golden Retrievers. He’s also an admitted Broncomaniac who continues to put his doctorate in mixology to good use at tailgate parties. When it’s time to unwind Tony heads for the slopes where he still believes he missed his calling as an Olympic downhill skier…oh well…we all still dream of what might have been!Follow Tony on Facebook.


Lu Valentino on WRUPLu Valentino

When Lu Valentino isn’t making new fans on the radio, chances are she is pampering her two tiny Yorkshire Terriers, LuVee and Cherish. She’d be a crazy cat lady too, if she weren’t allergic. When you meet Lu you’ll realize she’s a hot, tough East Coast chick (mob wife, not The Ramones). Because she’s lonely and single, Lu spends inordinate amounts of time on social networks (The Lu Valentino Show on Facebook and @LuValentino on Twitter). Her extensive background in comedy and improv has helped her make some famous friends and enemies. It’s just one of the things that makes her something totally different in the evening. Check out What a Mouth every Friday night too, as Lu is joined by comedienne Jill Bryan (who just happens to be Jimmy Kimmel’s sister). Get to know Lu on Facebook at “The Lu Valentino Show” and on Twitter: @LuValentino.