Good Luck to the Ishpeming Hematites!

Jarvinen Photos Ishpeming Hematites District 7 Regional Champions 2014
Jarvinen Photos Ishpeming Hematites District 7 Regional Champions 2014

Photo credit: Jarvinen Photos. This image is available as an 11×17 print from Jarvinen Photos:

Marquette, Michigan  –  November 28, 2014  – The buses left this morning and the Ishpeming Hematites and fans are on their way to Ford Field hoping to take home their third Division 7 State Championship title at tomorrow’s game.

The Hematites were the main topic of conversation at our Thanksgiving Dinner yesterday. My whole family is rooting for the team to pull off a three-peat and bring home another state championship title. We talked about this year’s season and how the boys have been undefeated since that Negaunee game back in 2012.

My brother and I remembered how much fun it was to go downstate with the basketball team in 1989 and how exciting it was (and how the announcer couldn’t pronounce Hematites). We wore our blue and white, we painted our faces, and we screamed ourselves hoarse at that game against Detroit Country Day! Our team played against giants that day and even though we didn’t win the state championship, the team still came home as winners.

This year, my niece is making that long, 8-hour trip to Detroit to watch her Ishpeming Hematites team take their shot at a third consecutive state title. No doubt she and her friends will have a great time. I hope they’ll make memories that will be recounted at future Thanksgiving Dinners to the next generation of Hematites.

So, I’m wishing my favorite team good luck as they take on the Loyola Bulldogs one more time. Stay rock solid and show the entire state what it means to be an Ishpeming Hematite. U.P. POWER!

By the way, if you’re in the mood to hear the Ishpeming Pep Song, it’s online at the Ishpeming Public Schools website. Go Hematites!

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