A Little Flesh Eating Bacteria with that Burger?

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Marquette, MI – 10/24/14 – Your dinner could give you flesh-eating bacteria. Take a bite out of that rare burger and feel the juices running down your chin. It won’t cause you harm! Unless, that is, you get necrotizing fasciitis – aka flesh-eating bacteria.

Flesh eating bacteria works under the skin until it blisters out

Flesh eating bacteria works under the skin until it blisters out

As your infection spreads, a severe pain similar to a deep flesh wound radiates from that small scratch you got working in the yard over the weekend. The flesh-eating bacteria have taken hold under your skin.

Turns out, flesh-eating bacteria is a little bit of a misnomer. The bacteria doesn’t “eat” the tissue, just destroys it using toxins. I’m sure that doesn’t hurt as much! Maybe you can ask Aimee Copeland.

You don't want to get flesh eating bacteria!

You don’t want to get flesh eating bacteria!

Aimee Copeland (a 25 year old Georgia resident) caught flesh-eating bacteria two years ago. Now, the flesh-eating bacteria is gone! In order to get rid of the flesh eating bacteria, she had to go through a series of amputations and now has four bionic limbs!

So how can you tell if you have flesh-eating bacteria? Check out the symptoms below.

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You may have flesh eating bacteria if:

  • You have a flesh wound that is taking longer than usual to heal.
  • You are experiencing a fever or chills.
  • Blisters are forming on your skin.