Is Your Baby Buggy? Get to the UP North CarWash Today!

Marquette, Michigan  –  June 25, 2014  –  Summertime in the U.P. means bugs — lots of ’em — and they wind up splattered all over your car! Bug guts are acidic and can eat right through your baby’s paint job. UP North CarWash has the solution!

Your car will be hand-prepped by the professionals at UP North CarWash. They’ll take the time to scrub the black flies, mosquitoes, moths, and giant dragonflies off. That’s the difference at UP North Car Wash – attention to detail.

Once your car is hand-prepped, you’ll pass through the soap application and the scrubbers. The soft cell foam scrubbers are cleaned regularly to keep your car’s finish looking great. After the final rinse and going through the dryers, you’re ready to roll with a shiny, clean car!

Spend your time at the beach, not cleaning your car. Trust your car to the professionals at the UP North Car Wash. You’ll be glad you did.

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