Welcome Sara to Great Lakes Radio – Co-Host and Marketing Executive

Sara Speaker is the new co-host of the Sara-Cera show, mornings on 103.3 WFXD.

Give it up for Sara Speaker! Sara is the new multi-tasker at great lakes radio. When she is not taking care of her two girls, Sara entertains herself with Detroit Tigers baseball games, camping and reading a good book.

To show off her spunky side, Sara is a co-host of the Sara-Cera Show. This new country program, also featuring Lisa Cerasoli, runs Monday to Friday as the two ladies laugh their way through the morning hours.

Sara Speaker also took up an accountmanager position at Great Lakes Radio

Sara Speaker also took up an account manager position at Great Lakes Radio

To add to her impressive list of skills, Sara is also the new Marketing Executive for Great Lakes Radio. People are her passion and she would be more than happy to answer your questions about Great Lakes Radio.

Get in touch with Sara today by calling the studio at (906) 228-6800.

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