The Web I Weave

Marquette-MI (Phillip) Computers, Cable and Satellite boxes, DVD players, video games, modems and WiFi routers all need to be connected. In the case of my living room they connect to each other with LAN (Local Area Network) Cables.

Every time I move my entertainment center it seems like the rat’s nest grows a little more tangled and I lose one plug or another. The latest victim of the spider web was the power cord for my wireless router. Of course, because I have such a special set-up for my internet, no store in town sells a replacement adapter.

I nearly missed the Packer’s game because of it. Don’t worry, I dove head first into the ocean of wires and worked out a whole new connection just in time. Sadly, the game didn’t go so well, but at least the Frankenstein set-up worked. Now I have to remember what I changed so I can get it back to normal.

Maybe, while I’m fixing my own mess, I’ll figure out how to tame the wire beast. Oh sure, I could go to a big-box store to buy a ton of expensive, confusing parts to try to hide the cords. I prefer to save my money and use a little Yooper innovation. You can collect bread ties to twist a few cables together. Or even pull wires through a cut-off sleeve of an old shirt or pant leg. My wire-web might be beyond help, but if you have any other ideas, please pass them along. I can use all the help I can get.

Full Power Strip

Every Outlet of Power Taken

Blue Lan Cord

100ft LAN Cable Tangled