Red Team Beats Black Team 42-28 At UP Football All-Star Game

Marquette, MI – The black and red teams at the UP Football All-Star Game battled it out this afternoon at the Superior Dome in Marquette. Red came out victorious with a score of 42-28 over the black team. Tyler Young and Bob Nadeau brought the action to life on 103 FXD and 92.7 WRPP.

The black team won the toss and chose to receive, though they turned it over to red pretty quickly.

Peyton Anderson of the red team had a nice gain, and the 23-yard reception resulted in a first down.

They couldn’t make it into the end zone, however, and the black team took over with their second possession of the game.

Possession went back and forth for a spell as the game stayed scoreless and the minutes ticked down in the first quarter.

The UP Football All-Star Game was a success!

On a black team possession, it was the red team that struck gold. A fumble resulted in a defensive touchdown from #23 Mitchell LeGrave. The extra point was good and the red team pulled out ahead with a 7-0 lead and less than two minutes to go in the quarter.

Just 13 seconds later, the black team responded with a touchdown of their own. Ethan Martysz answered the red team with a 92-yard return. The game was all tied up at 7-7 in a flash.

The second quarter started off with a bang for the black team. Ashton Bergman picked up a fumble to take possession away from the red team. A Gavin Sundberg pass found Luke Terrian for a quick touchdown to put the black team out in front at 14-7 over red.

The red team didn’t sit back after relinquishing the lead, however. A few possessions later, Matt Ojala received a 35-yard touchdown to tie it up at 14-14 with eight minutes to go in the second quarter.

Just a few minutes later, the red team pulled out in front for the first time since their brief lead in the first quarter. A 50-yard pass from Craig Kamin was received beautifully by Charlie Gerhard for a touchdown. The extra point was good, and the red team took the lead at 21-14.

The black team tried to turn the tide back in their favor before the half, but red stayed out front at 21-14.

UP Football All-Star Game action!

Andrew Blanchard began the third quarter with a great defensive play for the black team, tipping the ball out of the hands of Matt Ojala.

Sam Gilles of the black team followed it up with a blocked punt. The ball was recovered by Alex Cannoot to give the black team possession. Luke Terrian darted into the end zone shortly thereafter to tie it up at 21-21.

An interception by Andrew Blanchard turned the ball back over to the black team with just a minute to go in the third. The score stayed all tied up, however, as the game entered the fourth and final quarter.

The red team kicked off the fourth with a Brady Eichmeier catch off of a Nathan Beckman pass for a touchdown. Shawn Sandahl’s kick was good to bring the score to 28-21, the red team in the lead.

Ethan Martysz turned around and completed an amazing one-handed catch for the black team. He was brought down hard, but got up of his own accord. The black team did not waste their chance to tie up the game. Terrian powered into the end zone and the kick was good to bring the score to 28-28.

The red team pulled back out front with a touchdown courtesy of Brody Sanville. The black team trailed 35-28 with five minutes to go in the game.

The red team solidified their impending victory with an interception and touchdown from Travis Ojala to bring it to the final score of 42-28. Christer Carne followed up with another interception to help nail the coffin shut for the black team.

The crowd at the Superior Dome were treated to an afternoon of great football from the area’s finest senior athletes. Both all-star teams battled it out until the very end.

There’s still plenty of summer to go, but stay tuned for regular season high school football this fall.