Independent Rock In Marquette Rocks Commons And Downtown

Marquette,MI- Last week on Thursday proved that punk rock shows still have life in Marquette as local punk heroes Fried Chinese Donalds (F.C.D.) played to over one hundred people at the Marquette Commons.

The show started around 6:30 and first up was Whipped from Chicago, and then up next was Scissors.  But the main act was F.C.D., who ripped the roof off the place.  Looking around the place, the crowd was ecstatic as the band played their brand of punk rock with a bit of a classic rock edge.

Here’s a clip of F.C.D. playing:

I asked afterward the head count out of curiousity and there was at the time over ninety people who paid, in the end the final count was over one hundred.  A big thanks to Jesse and Nick who organized for the venue and made it happen.

Later That Weekend…

On Sunday in a basement of a house in downtown Marquette, two Boston bands along with two local acts played to a good sized crowd as well.

The highlights were a local seven piece band called The Chanteymen:

Motel Mattress from Boston, I didn’t get to see firsthand, but they were so loud that I could hear them clearly through the floor that night, and they were really awesome. I really suggest checking out them on Bandcamp.

Finally the last band was Goddard, also from the Boston area (Worcester actually) came out and played an outstanding set.  I really suggest checking out them on Bandcamp as well but you can get a good idea how they were:

It was a great night of music.

This coming weekend is a bunch more shows that, if you know where to look, are going to be really awesome as well.  The show that most people who I know are looking forward to is Sunday night’s show at Upfront & Company. Beast in The Field will be headlining that show.

(BIG Thanks to Mr. Erickson for taking and posting clips!)